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Full Version: Installation of RF suppression ferrites
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Installation of RF suppression ferrites

In some cases, Raymarine will recommend installation of RFI / EMI suppression ferrites, also known as RF chokes, to block RF emissions and support CE certification for marine electronics installed in European boats. RF emissions may cause RF interference with radios and other devices. Sources of RF emissions may easily be determined by using a common AM transistor radio to sniff the area around marine electronics. RF suppression ferrites are commonly available at retailers of electronic components (ex. Radio Shack, etc.). RF suppression ferrites are installed on product power cables and autopilot drive unit motor leads. The RF suppression ferrites are to be positioned as close is permissible to the cable's plug or product's power terminals. If such spurious RF / EMI emissions can be corrected with RF suppression ferrites, it would typically require no more than six RF suppression ferrites.

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