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Full Version: i50 Speed Transducer Replacement
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I have to replace a defective i50 speed/temp transducer and would like to avoid running 30' of new transducer cable if possible. Does Raymarine have a cable connector kit available that would allow me to connect the new transducer to the existing cable?
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While not recommended for depth transducers, your suggestion for re-using the currently installed speed/temp transducer's cable would indeed be valid. The cables would typically be joined by splicing leads of the same color. Raymarine does not offers the D108 Junction Box for this purpose.
I installed the new transducer and new cable to the gauge. On a test run, the transducer is sending signals to the gauge, but the speed shown is approximately half of what is shown on a handheld GPS. Is there a calibration procedure I need to run? Thanks.

Speed transducers must be calibrated after mating them to an i50 Speed, i50 Tridata, or iTC-5 w/i70 MFID. The calibration procedure is specified within Section 7.4 Calibration of the i50 Instruments Installation and Operation Instructions. I50 Speed and i50 Tridata Instruments feature single point speed calibration. As the analog signal output of paddlewheel speed transducers is non-linear, the speed reported by an i50 Speed or i50 Tridata Instrument will be most accurately reported when operating the vessel at the speed that the transducer was calibrated. The i70 MFIDs feature multi-point speed calibration, allowing them to provide greater accuracy across a range of speeds.
Thanks for the information on the calibration procedure. I followed the procedure and problem solved. Thanks again.
You're welcome.
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