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MY apologies in advance if this is has been covered elsewhere in this forum.

I am trying to pair up scanners and displays from three legacy Raytheon RADARs but I'm having a heck of a time finding out what might work with what. I have a 1200 scanner unit with no display, I have a working RL9 display (M92558) and an untested RL9 scanner (M92559 - no cable) and I have an untested R10 scanner unit and cable with a JRC CNM-128H-7PCRD-1007B printed circuit card (the model # tag is unreadable) and a working R10X display (Type 50003).

I am most interested in getting the RL9 paired up and working but my scanner model - M92559 - doesn't agree with the Pathfinder call-out of M92557 on my M92558 display unit. I have lots of equipment and experience with electronics so modifications shouldn't be a problem.

Can I get any of this to work?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum,

Unfortunately, service, parts, and support for these long retired products is no longer available. Manuals for retired radar products may be found here. With respect to RL9 radar products:
- The display is a Pathfinder RL9 Part M92558.
- The radome is a Raytheon Part M92559, 18" 2kw.
- Together they are part M92557

If operational and interfaced to one another via a good radar cable, these RL9 products should work with one another. Failure to do so would indicate a failure within one or both of these RL9 products or the radar cable. While Raymarine can no longer provide parts and service for these radar products, one of our west coast dealers, Radar Marine (360.733.2012), may be able to service these RL9 products and/or provide a replacement radar cable.
Thank you Chuck. I'll focus on connecting and testing the RL9 units.

Regards, Jim
You're welcome.
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