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Full Version: AIS data to two VHF radios
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I have one AIS transponder that is connected to two E127's via NMEA2000 network. One E127 is at an upper helm with a VHF radio and the second E127 is at the lower helm with a second VHF radio. How do I get AIS/GPS data to both VHF radios? The radios have NMEA0183 connections.
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Raymarine MFDs are neither designed to bridge AIS data from SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 nor vice versa. Accordingly, should your VHF radio support use of NMEA 0183 AIS sentences, then a NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 data bridging device (ex. Actisense NGW-1-ISO-AIS, etc.) would be need to be installed between the SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 backbone and the VHF radios. This same data bridge should support supplying the VHF radios with GPS data.
Thanks Chuck.

John Rhodes
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