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Full Version: E120 random reboot
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E120 Classic. I have a similar problem but no wiring have changed.
First, I noticed flickering in the display. You told me to delete some tracks, which I did and that stopped it.
Now, after a while, and more tracking, the display turns off to the start screen about every 5 minutes. I push the agree OK button, it asks to select a page pattern (which it normally did not), it opens a page of Miami harbor (where I have not been, I am in the Bahamas), and then searches and works, fine for about 5 minutes.

I have only one track. I looked at all my routes and tried to delete some but it says cannot delete route at this time.
Should I reset the whole system? I have the latest firmware.
Thank you
Wolfgang, SV SeaLife
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Wolfgang,

As was recommended to Lew within my initial response to this thread, please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
I took the moderators advice and after isolating the problem to the minimum number of components I sent all three to Raymarine for evaluation. Although the tech staff could not exactly duplicate my problem they did find that my new CP300 was defective. The CP300 is out of production so Raymarine gave me a brand new CP370. It works beautifully. Problem solved. Thanks Raymarine.
You're welcome.
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