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Full Version: E120 random reboot
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My E120 reboots by itself often, anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes between reboots. The system is an E120 connected to an original SeaTalk network and to a Network Switch via a SeaTalkHS. The network switch is in turn connected to an Open array radar and a CP300 Digital Sonar Module.

In an effort to troubleshoot the problem I removed various modules and found that the system is fine until the CP300 is connected to the Network Switch. The CP300 was installed in December 2015 and was checked out for just a few minutes and then the boat was not used until a few days ago when the problem was discovered. The CP300 reports the depth correctly.

My E120 is S/N E02013-015078, the firmware is version v5.69 and the Boot version is v1.03.
The Network Switch has a label on it,“E55058-0260309" and the CP300 has no label.

Can you suggest my next step for troubleshooting?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lew,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Whereas you appear to have isolated the problem to the CP300, the fault may lie within the socket of the network switch (try another socket), SeaTalkhs cable (see the FAQ's comments addressing SeaTalkhs cables), the CP300's power cable (verify that it was changed when the CP300 was installed), or CP300 itself. Should the cables and network switch be verified to be sound, then it is recommended that the CP300 be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be serviced.
Thank you, I'll try the things suggested and report back.
You're welcome. No need to report back unless you have been unable to identify the faulty component.
I started down the list of things to try in the FAQ. My DSM300 was replaced by a CP300 in December. The MFD reports that I still have a DSM300 - ADC09954 v4.03 I think this indicates a firmware level of 4.03, but the FAQ advised that it should be 4.20.

Could this be my problem? Why doesn't the depth sounder get reported as a CP300?

It is normal for the E-Series Classic MFD to report that it is interfaced to a DSM when in fact it has been interfaced to a CP300. The information regarding DSM software does not apply to other types of sounder modules which have been interfaced to the system.
I have performed enough tests to convince myself that my problem is probably in the CP300 even though it was purchased within the last 90 days. I would like to return it to Raymarine for evaluation.

1. How do I do that?

2. Should I include the cable and the Network Switch (E55058)?

3. What is the expected turn around time?

Q1. How do I do that?
A1. Raymarine products may be bench tested/serviced by Raymarine's Product Repair Center.

Q2. Should I include the cable and the Network Switch (E55058)?
A2. The more that you can provide, the more thorough that the testing will be.

Q3. What is the expected turn around time?
A3. Approximately 7-10 business days.
I have returned my CP300 to Raymarine for evaluation, however it appears UPS may have lost the package. My unit was connected to a B256 transducer. Since the CP300 has been discontinued, what current Raymarine products will work with the installed B256 transducer?

The CP370 1kW ClearPulse Sounder Module is designed to replace the following retired sounder modules which have been interfaced via Ethernet (SeaTalkhs/RayNet) communications protocol to the system:
- CP300
- DSM300
- DSM30
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