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Full Version: New RayControl compatibility device list
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I know you folks can't promise anything, but there's a lot of room for improvement/additions in your list of Android-compatible devices. Seems it's been a while since anything new has been added.

Please consider adding the Sony Z-series phones and tablets. It'd be a personal gift if the Z4 made the next update.

Aren't you about due for an update?

Never hurts to ask, right? ;-)

I know it's got to be tough to certify everything.

If it will help, I'll offer to ship you my Z4 so you can use it for the cert tests.

PM me if that's an option.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Cary,

I strongly suspect that the Raymarine RayControl mobile app would be compatible with the Sony Z4 Android tablet. As the tablet and smartphone industry is a constantly moving target, it can be a challenge to maintain a complete list of products which are compatible with the Raymarine mobile apps. The easiest way to determine compatibility of the Raymarine mobile apps with a mobile device would be to access the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones and tablets) or the Apple Store (for iPads and iPhones) at a retailer selling the mobile device. The Google Play Store and the Apple Store are designed to sense the specifications of the device which is being used to view the Google Play Store or Apple Store and should restrict the apps displayed to those which are compatible with the device which is being used to view the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Use of other app downloading sites is not recommended at they may not provide such checks of the mobile devices specifications.

Should you find that the Sony Z4 cannot download the RayControl mobile app via the Google Play store, then please respond accordingly and a feature request will be logged to seek support for the Sony Z4 tablet.
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