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Full Version: Is RayTech RNS / Planner 6.x software compatible with Windows 10
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Is RayTech RNS / Planner 6.x software compatible with Windows 10

RayTech RNS 6.1 / 6.2 software continues to be supported for use with Raymarine products when in used conjunction with a PC running the Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. RayTech software will not be developed / updated beyond RayTech RNS / Planner 6.2 and will continue to support the features that it was last designed to support when used with PCs, operating systems specified, and Raymarine electronics that it was designed and tested to support.

While RayTech software has not been officially tested with Windows 8, and is as such officially not supported for use with Windows 8, it has been successfully run by a number of customers for planning purposes after having installed the program using Windows 8 Compatibility Mode (select Windows Vista SP2 option) when networked to an E-Series Classic MFD or a C-Series Widescreen MFD) feature. RayTech RNS / Planner 6.1 / 6.2 has been demonstrated to not be compatible with the Windows 10 operating system when similarly installed using Windows Compatibility Mode. Specifically, the RayTech software running on a a PC with Windows 10 has been demonstrated to be unstable when accessing Navionics cartography via either a networked E-Series Classic MFD or a C-Series Widescreen MFD or via the E86026 Navionics Multicard Reader.

Accordingly, should one desire to use RayTech RNS / Planner 6.1/6.2 software and should one not already own a PC running a compatible operating system, then it would be recommended that a second hand PC running the Windows 7 operating system be obtained and that it be dedicated to running the RayTech software offline after Microsoft ceases extended support for the Windows 7 operating system in January 2020.

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