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Full Version: Yamaha to Raymarine Connection
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Hello -

I was recently trying to connect my Yamaha F250 Motors to my Raymarine E125 Displays. I have the new (square) Command Link Plus Yamaha Gauge and I was told I needed a Raymarine E70242 cable. I went to order this cable from a very well known online Marine Electronics Store, and he told me this would NOT work and I needed a Yamaha Cable. They were not an authorized Yamaha Store and sent me to another company. Left a VM with them on trying to find out which cable I needed. Thought I would post here and see if anyone has any thoughts.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ultimatepursuit,

It appears that you have been advised incorrectly. Please note that the ECI-100 Engine Gateway is not designed to be interface to the Yamaha gauge. Instead, it is designed to be interfaced to the Yamaha Command-Link or Command-Link Plus Hub to which the Yamaha gauges are interfaced. Accordingly, it is recommended that the Raymarine Yamaha Link Cable (E70242) be purchased to connect the ECI-100 to an unused spur socket within one of your engine system's Yamaha Command-Link or Command-Link Plus Hubs.
Chuck - I did not see your reply til now. Thank You. I will get the E70242 ordered and installed. Do I need to setup the E125 any differently? Do I need to purchase the ECI-100?

Thank You

Should you desire to use the MFD to monitor the engine system and/or desire to use the MFD's Fuel Management features, then an ECI-100 must indeed be installed. You can find more information concerning the ECI-100 and how it would be interfaced to a Yamaha Command Link system here. Upon completing the installation, then the MFD's Identify Engines feature will be used to set up communications with the ECI-100. Detailed information concerning the MFD's Identify Engines feature may be found within the ECI-100's manual.
Chuck - Thanks for the reply I ordered both
Raymarine E70227 ECI-100 &
Raymarine E70242 Yamaha Command-Link Plus Cable

You're welcome.
Are you happy with the results? I am thinking about purchasing this same set up as well. I would love to hear your thoughts if it is something you would recommend.
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