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Full Version: software update v12.09
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This may sound like a dumb question but here goes anyway. I purchased a Dragonfly 6 on close-out and it was manufactured in 2013. I sure it has the oldest software on it. So, my question is, this spring when I actually power it up for the first time, does the latest update v12.09 contain all of the previous updates such as 10 and 11 or do I need to load the earlier versions first?
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Tom,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. The information specified within the referenced FAQ applies to Dragonfly displays and Raymarine MFDs.
Go ahead and update your Dragonfly 6 with the newest version v12.09
It encompasses all versions to date. You don't have to wait until spring to do it either. Pop out your mini SD card, stick it in your computer, download newest version (v12.09), pop back in Dragonfly and power it up. Watch it update ---- done!
Well, I finally got my boat out of storage and into a slip at the marina. Today, I tried to do an update. The unit powers on and shows it has the real old software. I put the micro SD card in before powering it up but it did not recognize it. Did I do something wrong or is the micro sd slot not working? Please give me some advice.


The most common mistake in updating product software is to copy the downloaded zip file directly to the microSD memory card. To view more information concerning possible causes of this problem, click here.

You were exactly correct. I downloaded the v12.09 update but failed to properly unzip it to my SD card. The unit will not recognize the SD card if it does not have the proper items. It will just by-pass the SD card and go directly to the accept screen. When I did my update today with the files properly on my SD card, everything updated properly. Thanks for your information and I hope the unit will now perform as it should.

Thanks again.
You're welcome.
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