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Full Version: Rotary Type 2 drive - 12 or 24V clutch
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I'm installing a Evolution 400 pack to an existing Raytheon 100/300 type 2 rotary drive, about 15 years old.
Just want to check that it is correct that the clutch voltage should be set to 12V even though we are a 24V system. I read somewhere that all Raymarine clutches are 12V. Is that correct?
There's no information about this in the 100/300 installation manual.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Cmonster,

While the ACU-400 features a switch to control the clutch voltage, it is primarily installed to support use with third party autopilot actuators. Raymarine and Raytheon autopilot actuators feature 12V clutches and the switch should be configured to the 12V position accordingly.
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