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Full Version: Quantum Radar power cord connection
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I'm replacing a Nobeltec Radar with the Quantum Radar and I want to use the existing power cord. Where can I order an end connector (and the part #) to fit the Quantum Radar to attach to the end of the existing power cord? I would like to keep the power cord that came with the Quantum intact in case I need to use it.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Unfortunately, Raymarine does not offer the Quantum radome power plug as a separate part. You may want to consider splicing the power leg of an A80308 Quantum Adapter Cable to your currently installed radar cable.
Thanks Chuck - I will get one of the cables.
You're welcome.
I am assessing to buy a Quantum radar to replace my old JRC 1000 MK2. Planning to use wifi for data and to use the old power wire until I take the mast down and install the Raymarine ethernet and power cables. I want to make sure what the JRC power wires to be spliced are the correct ones since the NMEA 0183 mnemonic codes are different for each manufacturers. Could you let me know the pairing of each of the power cables from quantum correspond to the power wires based on the scanner NKE 1053 below (e.g Q red wire with JRC Red 1 A) ? Really appreciate it. I want to make sure certified marine electrician does it properly (my boat is in France and language barrier always an issue).

RED ----O 1A
BLUE----O 2A
ORN-----O +12V


COAX---------O VD
GRN-----------O PW
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum egoya21,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should you not know the gauge of the wires inside of the currently installed radar cable, then it would be recommended that JRC be contacted to obtain this information.
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