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Can you recommend a good radar guard for the Quantum radar we purchased? Would the Seaview SM-G24-U be a good fit?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike

Raymarine has neither tested nor made any recommendations regarding such radome guards. Should a third party manufacturer identify that their product/accessory is compatible with a Raymarine product as would appear to be indicated here by Seaview Global, then it would be recommended that any compatibility questions be addressed to the third party product/accessory manufacturer (Seaview Global; 425.355.3669);
Can you provide a little further information on the internal working of the rotating scanner within the Quantum unit?
What height above the mount should we limit or constrain any radar guard surrounding the dome too?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum sailnz,

If seeking to have the guard be completely outside of the radar beam, the specifications which would come into play are the vertical beam angle of the Quantum radome (20 degrees), height of its antenna above its base (3-1/2"), and the offset of the array from the antenna spin axis of the radome (2-3/4").
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