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Full Version: Voyage Planner can't insert waypoint in the middle of a route
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When I try to add a waypoint to the middle of a route, no matter where I click, the waypoint is always added at the end of the route.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum LukeDog,

Voyage Planner indeed does not support graphical insertion of a waypoint within an existing route. RayTech Planner software had supported this feature and a feature request for VP to additionally support this feature will be logged accordingly. As a workaround, waypoint insertions may occur within an existing route by the following procedure:
1) create the waypoint to be added and position it in the desired location
2) display the route's waypoint list
3) display the entire waypoint list
4) locate and then drag the waypoint to be added to the route's waypoint list

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The workaround works!

You're welcome.
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