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Full Version: C120 Classic Radar Issue
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When I turn on my c120 Classic MFD (purchased in 2007 and still using the original DSM) the radar comes up with "No Data Source" then after about 10 seconds its says "Scanner Warm Up" then about 10 seconds after that it says "Checking HW" and another 10 seconds back to "Scanner Warm Up". Once the scanner completes its warm up I put the radar in TX mode and can not pick anything up. If I adjust the gain to 100% it just washes out the screen. The radar is spinning but not receiving any data. All waypoints show up. If I enter a waypoint it highlights it. Batteries are fully charged. My software version is 3.18. Never updated because everything worked fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Keith,

Should the vessel be connected shore power, its batteries be permitted to fully charge, and then the reported symptom be reproduced while still connected to shore power, then the reported symptom would be indicative of a failure of the circuity internal to the radome or open array pedestal. Unfortunately, Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer provide parts and service for the radomes and open array pedestals which were designed for use with the C-Series Classic MFDs. Unless, considering replacement of the MFD (and DSM250 (if installed)), then it would be necessary to seek a replacement radome or open array pedestal from the second hand market to replace the currently installed radome or open array pedestal.
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