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Full Version: i40 display defaults
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What is the default display on the i40 with respect to speed? When I installed it it has shown only dashes, not zero, with the boat at the finger. It does not show speed when moving. I have double-checked the wiring. Depth works fine.
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The i40 and ST40 Instruments are each designed to sense both speed (through water) and water temperature when interfaced to a compatible instrument transducer. The design of these instruments is such that if water temperature is not sensed by the transducer (ex. transducer's water temperature leads not connect to corresponding instrument terminals; problem with the water temperature transducer (click here to view FAQ including resistance table), or there is a fault with the instrument's temperature sensing circuity), then the i40 and ST40 Instruments will revert to being a speed Repeater rather than a speed Master. This will also cause the instrument to report --- for speed rather than 0.0 when the vessel is stationary and not exposed to current.
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