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Hi Chuck: Thanks for the input. I drew that part of the diagram from memory, I recall putting a T connector in there but not positive exactly what is plugged into the spur connection. I have to go to the boat tomorrow so I will open up the Navpod to verify connections. Are you saying neither the i70, P70 or a78 should be on a spur? Or is it just the a78 cannot be on a spur? In any case I will daisy chain them together as you suggest.

Q. Are you saying neither the i70, P70 or a78 should be on a spur? Or is it just the a78 cannot be on a spur? In any case I will daisy chain them together as you suggest.

A. The i70, p70, and a78 are each designed to be interfaced as spurs to a SeaTalkng backbone. This would require that each of these devices either be each indvidually interfaced via a Spur Cable to a spur socket within a T-Piece, 5-Way Connector, or in-line Terminator within the backbone. Alternatively, these devices may be daisy chained to one another via appropriate lengths of SeaTalkng Spur Cable. The limitation of the latter is that the total length of SeaTalkng Spur Cable used to connect the devices to one another and to connect the daisy chain of devices to a spur socket within the backbone cannot exceed 6m. Should the total length of spur cable required to daisy chain these devices be longer than 6m, then the first option would need be employed.
I checked the setup and everything is correct. There is 2 tee's, first one feeds the P70, second one feeds the i70 with the a78 daisy chained from the i70. The backbone is correctly terminated after the 2nd tee.

Looks like I need to pull the transducer and send it with the wind pod to the service center.

Thanks, Charlie

Your system would then seem to be correctly interfaced.

You're welcome.
Hello again Chuck. I finally got up the mast and pulled the transducer. I unscrewed the connection to the base and when I pulled the the transducer off I noted the plug and terminals were wet. Since this is inside the plug and there is an O ring beneath the screw-on connector I thought this should not be wet.

Would water inside the connector cause the symptoms I was experiencing? Or is it normal to find wetness inside this fitting?

Thanks, Charlie

The o-ring seal should prevent water from entering and condensation from building up inside of the masthead block's socket. Should water enter/accumulate inside of the masthead block's socket, then then it can short out the circuit board inside of the masthead. You may want to consider sending the masthead block in addition to the wind transducer to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Attempting to Calibrate my system following instructions to "turn boat in circles" - I never get a reply to stop after 10 minutes turning a number of times. Any suggestion or insight? i70 wind instruments. thank you
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