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Full Version: Unable to turn waypoints off
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We have a C127 MFD, When in the chart screen and I turn waypoints off, then change to a different screen (i.e. Radar or split chart screen) all waypoints are automatically turned back on again. If I turn them off in the radar screen and then return to the chart screen they are once again automatically turned on.
This is a problem as it really clutters the screen when changing from one display screen to another and it is not how our older Legacy E series display functions.

I reported this to Raymarine technical support in July/Aug 2016. The Tech support engineer verified the problem and informed me that he would set up a ticket so that this could be corrected via a software fix? Can I get an ETA on a fix as it is not included in the latest (sept 2016 V17.46) release?
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Please note that I have been unable to duplicate the reported problem on either a MFD which has been configured as Data Master within a network of a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs nor on a MFD which has been configured as a repeater MFD (i.e not configured as the system's Data Master MFD. I have also not be able to locate any prior reports of the problem using the symptoms reported. However, there is a similar problem which had been previously reported and logged. The symptoms of the similar report affect repeater MFDs within a network of a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs. Within afflicted systems, should waypoints be commanded and verified to be hidden within a Chart application page/pane of a repeater MFD within a network of a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs, the system then be powered OFF and then powered ON again, then the waypoints will no longer be hidden within the same Chart application page/pane of the repeater MFD. This problem persists within repeater MFDs running v17.46 software. Should the problem which you have observed differ that that which I have described, then please export your waypoints and routes to GPX files and then attach them to a response to this post to permit me to test them with one of our systems. If responding, please additionally indicate whether the system features more than one MFD and whether the reported problem can be duplicated on the MFD which has been configured as the system's Data Master MFD.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing features and feature corrections to be included within future MFD software updates.
Hi Chuck, I went down to the boat today and removed all routes and waypoints (most had been from an import from an older Legacy E120 series. Once I did that and then created 5 waypoints and one route, I am not able to re-create the problem. Now it seems to work ok in that if I hide the waypoints and routes on one screen, if I leave that screen and then come back to it, the routes and waypoints stay hidden. Same if I do a power down and back up.
If I hide the waypoints and routes on one screen (main chart screen) then switch to a split screen the waypoints and routes will re-appear and I have to turn them off on the new screen that I have switched to. Once turned off, If I leave that screen and then come back to it, they stay hidden and if I go back to main screen they continue to stay hidden. So that functionality seems to work ok.
I am going to leave the display off for a week and then check it again to see if anything changes.

By the way this system consists of 1 C127 display, Radar, Depth sounder and an I 50 depth sounder display on the fly bridge.

Thanks for the update. Based upon your latest testing, it presently appears the product is functioning correctly.
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