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Full Version: Voyage Planner Charts
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I am somewhat of a newbie to Raymarine products. So I have a e97 MFD and fish out of Destin Florida out into the Gulf of Mexico. I have been very successful loading GPX waypoints. But the background map (charts) using the ENC downloads is not knitted together. In other words, I can see the 74M map but it is not knitted with the 71M map. My download of the ENC charts appear to be all there when I go to OPEN CHARTS. Is there a way I can knit together these charts or should I download one of the $9.99 charts to get the total chart?
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After downloading the NOAA ENC region of interest (CHARTS->DOWNLOAD NOAA CHARTS->Select the desired NOAA region from the displayed list->NOAA ENC->OK), then use the command sequence CHARTS->OPEN CHART->NOAA ENC->Select the folder having the title of the downloaded region->ALL CHARTS IN xxxxx (where [censored] is the title of the NOAA region.
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