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Full Version: [CA] Manual for Network Switch
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I need a manual for my E55058 network switch. This is the old style with CAT5 Ethernet connectors. Where can I download a manual?
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Lew,

No manuals were produced the 8-port Ethernet switch. It is simply designed to be interfaced to a 12/24V power circuit and to the vessel's bonding cable. It's eight RJ45 sockets were designed to accept SeaTalkhs cables featuring a RJ45 (M) plug.
Does this switch provide PoE (Power over Ehternet)?

Raymarine's HS5 RayNet Network Switch, SR6 SiriusXM Satellite Weather/Radio Receiver / Network Switch (retired), and the SeaTalkHS Network Switch (retired) are not PoE devices. If seeking a PoE switch, then it is recommended that the FLIR 4-port PoE Switch (part #4141042) be used.

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Thanks Chuck. I'm assuming the E55058 falls under the category of "SeaTalkHS Network Switch". Thanks!

Q. I'm assuming the E55058 falls under the category of "SeaTalkHS Network Switch".
A. Correct. The product name corresponding to part #E55058 is the "SeaTalkhs Network Switch". Approximately 14 years ago, this was the first Ethernet network switch introduced by Raymarine. Raymarine's latest Ethernet network switch, the HS5 RayNet Network Switch, features sockets designed to better protect the switch from the marine environnment.
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