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Full Version: Radar "NO DATA SOURCE"
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Had to replace Radar radome and cable due to dismasting. New radome does not communicate with MFD.
Hardware: C90W ser# E621110500129, App. Vers. v2.35, Baseboard v3.05
Radome RD418D4kW, IC:4069B-18DD4kW. Radome connected directly to the MFD via reverse coupler (no switches etc.) and Ethernet cable. Radar cable tested for continuity - OK, power tested OK. Radome was tested OK in the shop BUT via network cable (not ethernet cable)

On diagnostic page Ethernet summary shows activity on all lines except "Received and Transmited TCP bytes" which shows 0 . External devices show "0" , Scanner page shows "Buffer"

Is there any way to do test via Ethernet and laptop ? I am located in Windward Islands - shipping of the hardware for test is pretty much out of question. Is there any possibility that during the dismasting some circuit fuse within the MFD tripped ? (The main breaker for the radar tripped during dismasting.)

Any help how to proceed with trouble shooting would be appreciated.

Thanks, Petr
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Petr,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. If seeking to test the Ethernet communications path between the MFD and a Digital/HD Digital Radome or HD/Super HD open array Radar Pedestal, one may do so using a commonly available Ethernet tester (ex. Extech CT100, etc.). After switching OFF power to the circuity supplying power to the radome or open array pedestal, the radome or open array pedestal may be opened to permit access to the Ethernet cable connection to the radar core. Unplugging the Ethernet cable from the radar core, then the Ethernet cable may be plugged into one of the Ethernet tester's two components. The SeaTalkhs cable may then be disconnected from the SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler. An Ethernet patch cable may then be connected to the SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler. Finally, the Ethernet tester's second component may be plugged into the Ethernet patch cable. Digital Radar Cables do not support Power Over Ethernet and as such will show no continuity on the cable's power pins.
Thanks for the troubleshooting instructions. All the tests passed with flying colors. There is no problem with continuity of the entire Ethernet wiring. While I was inside of the radome I also checked the power supply. The core is getting full voltage ( 14V at the time) all the way to the circuit board. Upon the radome power up I can hear high pitch noise for about 10secs, then the array turn about 2 revolutions and then the show is over.
As I mentioned before the list of external connected devices is empty, scanner page shows just a buffer. There is 0bytes on radar Tx and Rx test page.
In the meantime I have purchased Identical used system (C90W + RD418D + cable) Same results. "no data" . I guess I am just lucky. At least the MFD works fine.

Please advise what else could be checked. Appreciate all your help.


The MFD's Ethernet communications circuitry may be tested by interfacing the MFD to a compatible and operational Raymarine product having an Ethernet communications interface (ex. C-Series Widescreen MFD, DSM30/300/CP370, Digital/HD Radome, HD/SuperHD Open Array Radar, SR100/SR6/SR150 SiriusXM Satellite Weather Receiver, etc.). Should each of the MFD's two Ethernet (SeaTalkhs) communications interfaces be operational, then it would appear that there is a fault within radome's circuitry. The faulty product(s) will need to be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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