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Full Version: [CA11] Proper Autopilot Package for Replacing Simrad
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I have a older SIMRAD/Robertson autopilot that uses a Simrad HLD350 Short Split Pump as the actuator.

The current range according to the documentation is 2.6-6 amps.

Can you recommend a compatible Autopilot Pack? It seems the AC200 might work, but not sure.


Ned Bennett
Triona Sabre 362
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ned,

What make/model of pump has been installed onboard as part of the third party autopilot? What is the peak flow rating of the pump? What is the cubic capacity of the vessel's steering ram(s)? Is there more than one steering ram installed onboard? If so, have the steering rams been installed in series or parallel?
Chuck, finally found the correct specs for the Simrad ram/pump

1.Pump Unit is RPU80 12 V J3000X/AC10 80
2. Capacity Min (4,9 cu in) Max (15.2 cu in)
3. Peak Flow: Peak flow 49 cu in/min
4. Max Pres:60 bar (870 psi)
5. Max Current:6 Amp

Would like to replace the Simrad electronics with RayMarine and keep the pump/actuator.

Any advice is appreciated.


Ned Bennett

Raymarine's T70155 EV-200 Sail would be recommended for use with the Simrad RPU80 12 V J3000X/AC10 80
Chuck, thanks very much for your help.

Best regards,

Ned Bennett
You're welcome.
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