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Hi Chuck!

Thanks again for taking all of our questions and the amazing forum. I read all 7 pages on radar but haven't found a good answer for this one.

I'm trying to choose the right radar for coastal cruising on the Great Lakes, no fishing, just traffic and terrain (pier) avoidance.

I narrowed it down from Open Array (cost) and Digital (not enough features) to the HD Color RD418HD vs the RD424HD. I like the dual range, dual speed, chart overlay and digital features.

Based on those two, and the beam width, I can't see (mathematically) where the difference in beam width of 4.9º and 3.9º will be discernible at 3mi or less with 48rpm rotation?

What's your opinion for coastal cruising at 4 to 18kts (mostly around 8kts) with radar range mostly set at less than 5mi and a lot of the time 3mi or less (in fog, rain, night etc) just used for traffic and terrain avoidance?

I really like the size of the RD418HD, but if the RD424HD is WAY better at those ranges, I'd do that.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum LimaBavo,

Raymarine's Digital Radomes are no longer available. For the use specified, both the RD418HD and RD424HD would be excellent choices. The longer array of the RD424HD will provide increased target definition and clarity, increasing the likelihood that that the two closely located targets would be rendered as two individual target images rather than the single larger target image. Ultimately, the choice would be a subjective one. I have installed a RD424HD on my own boat and have found its performance to be outstanding for use in similar cruising.
Fabulous! Thanks again.... Can't wait to try out the setup!

Sorry Chuck, forgot to ask, now that you have me thinking about the bigger array...

What would I gain over the RD424HD if I went with the entry level RA1048HD open array? My dealer has both in stock and he wants to deal on the open array.

If there's a big big advantage to the extra money, I'd probably go with it since that moves me to a 4' antenna....??? Otherwise the RD424HD seems appropriate.


Again subjective. Open arrays radars are the choice of the seeking maximum radar performance as well as those seeking to find birds (a great advantage when fishing). The additional length of the 4' open array (double that of the RD424HD) would provide better imaging than provided by the RD424HD. The additional power of the 10kW pedestals will provide increased power, bring with it increased range (for monitoring weather) and power to punch through precipitation.
Great! Thanks again, I'll stick with my initial design and go with HD Color dome with my e165.

Catch you soon Sir ...

You're welcome.
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