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Full Version: Shp sensor fail
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Late last season, I started noticing that the scanner display appeared "backwards" on the screen of my E80. What initially brought it to my attention was when the water is very calm and the boat is up on plane, the scanner will display the wake behind the boat. Well, the "V" appeared in front of the boat on my display and targets that should have been in front of me were behind me and vice versa (on the display screen).
During the off season, I decided to take a look and see if I could figure out what is going on. Well, I never got the chance. The scanner no longer rotates and when I run the Self Test, I see "Shp sensor Fail".
I have seen a couple of threads on the old forum related to similar situations. However, I never really seem to find the conclusion. In other words, with the help of the Moderator, the person runs some diagnostics, nothing fixable is found and they are told to send the unit it. That is all fine, except should I throw more money in to a system that is outdated or upgrade? I have nothing to base that decision on because the other threads have no updates as to what was found and how much it cost to get it fixed?
I added to my system a couple of years ago so I have a mix of "old" and "not so old (now)". I have built a NMEA 2000 backbone and added quite a few upgrades including a second display. What did not change however, was the old 48" open array, the E80 and the DSM300 that were part of the initial system when the boat was new in 2007.
I did however follow along with the other posts and completed the suggested diagnostics and so for the sake of being accurate, I will outline what has happened and what I did to this point.
I should also mention that based on one other thread, I did try a Factory Reset which obviously did not resolve my issue.
Power up the unit. I can see briefly a pop up that says "No Data Source" followed by the Limitations of Use screen. V5.69, press OK. Sometimes I get a pop up that says "Scanner Faults", "Scanner HW". Other times it goes right to Scanner Stdby, Press PWR, then Trans, Scanner icon spins on display while nothing is happening on the actual scanner. I do notice a slight "bump" as if the scanner wants to start spinning, but it does not. Pop up "Checking HW", countdown from 60, Scanner Stdby, countdown and the never ending loop begins. This sequence will continue with nothing happening.
I also found the Resistance Test From Display-End Connector and checked those values to find Video 1 & 2-44.3k ohms read on a 220k ohm scale. Azimuth 12 & 13-9.30k ohms read on a 20k ohm scale. Trigger 4 & 7-9.13k ohms read on a 20k scale and finally Data I/O 6 & 10-188 ohms read on a 200 ohm scale. So, those numbers look good.
I am also going to attach pictures of Scanner Attributes with the Debug information shown, Scanner Diagnostics and Scanners:Self test result.
I appreciate any and all help. I would love to find out a ballpark idea of what some costs would be to repair the thing. I understand in advance that these would be guesstimates as the unit is not sitting on a repair bench being diagnosed. But it would seem to me, based on the issue I have encountered, the results I have obtained and historical tendencies for this type of problem, I should be able to find out what ballpark I am in. I already have an idea of what the new stuff costs, that is why the old stuff was still there!
Thank you very much in advance.
Again without the product on the bench it is hard to put a guess-timate up on a Forum. But I understand your request. So I will put up the Core replacement flat rate for a 4KW Analog Open Array. That is $1200.00.
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the guesstimate as well. At least now I know where I stand repair vs. replacement cost. If I decide to replace the array rather then repair, I can connect a HD open array to the e95. Then eventually replace the E80. At least I would not have to do it all at once!
Thanks again
So here is what I found. After doing some more reading, I felt confident that the issue was the stepper motor. I located one on eBay for $180.00. It arrived today, I installed it and tested it. Everything is working well. The only thing I cannot do of course is to check the targets on the screen as the boat is in a building currently. It wont be long though and I can do a complete test but I am glad that the stepper motor seems to solve my problem
Great to hear, that sounds like you have found the issue. Let us know the outcome once you have a chance to test on the water.
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