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Full Version: Resetting the MMSI within a Raymarine AIS Transceiver
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Resetting the MMSI within a Raymarine AIS Transceiver

[url=Certified Raymarine Installers and many Authorized Raymarine Dealers]have the means to reset the MMSI of a Raymarine AIS transceiver as well as the capability to perform software updates to both AIS receivers and AIS transceivers. Should there not be a Certified Raymarine Installer or Raymarine dealer (recommend calling the dealer before bringing the product to the dealer) in your area who can perform these services, then the AIS transceiver or AIS receiver may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to have these services performed. As FCC regulations prohibit entering a MMSI into an AIS transceiver to FCC licensed technicians, marine electronics installers, marine electronics dealers, and marine electronic repair facilities, it is recommended that the new MMSI number to be entered into the AIS transceiver (as well as the associated AIS Static Data (boat name, ship type, call sign, distances from the GPS sensor to port/starboard gunwales and to bow/stern)) be supplied to the Certified Raymarine Installer, Raymarine Dealer, or Raymarine Repair Center. At the time of this post Raymarine's US Product Repair Center was charging $75 US to perform these services. This fee included return ground shipping within the US.

Within the US, the FCC prohibits end users lacking FCC certifications from entering or erasing MMSIs within AIS transceivers. MMSI entry / erasure must be performed by a Raymarine Dealer, a Certified Raymarine Installer, or Raymarine's Product Repair Center. While it is possible for an end user to modify the static data (to include boat name) within an AIS transceiver by using the ProAIS2 software, MMSIs are issued to individuals ... not to the boat. Accordingly, all of the emergency contact information, owner information, etc. logged with BoatUS or the FCC will be that of the AIS transceivers's original owner. Should an AIS transceiver be transferred to another individual, then the owner must apply for a new MMSI via BoatUS (if the boat will remain in US waters) or the FCC (if the boat will travel outside of US waters). The AIS transceiver's MMSI must then be erased and new MMSI entered via one of the above listed options, no matter how inconvenient it may be.

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