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Full Version: Ev-1 not seeing drive
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My autopilot stopped working. The error was no drive detected.

I checked the autopilot connections and voltage and could find no problem.

I then refreshed the software for my entire Raymarine suite, successfully.

Now I can't get through the wizard.


- I'm running ev-1, acu 100, p70, i50 depth, i50 speed and i60 wind, with e7 MFD
- the software update was successful for all of these components
- all components are working fine, other than the autopilot
- I did a pilot factory reset
- I set the "vessel hull" type, but in the vessel settings menu there is no option to select "drive type" per the manual section 3.1; it just isn't there; see attached photo; the menu doesn't scroll down below what is in the photo

As a result (i think) the wizard prompts me to turn the wheel port, starboard etc., but then throws up the error message of inconsistent values and I can't proceed through the wizard steps.

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ralph,

What model of autopilot drive unit has been installed onboard the boat and has been interfaced to the ACU? Did this autopilot have a history of having previously functioned properly? Also, no photos were attached to your thread ... please include them with your posted response.
Thanks, Chuck.

The wheel drive is the EV-100, and has worked well for the one year or so since it was installed.

I'll try again to attach the photo. If it doesn't appear, it's a photo of the Vessel Settings menu showing only Vessel Hull Type, Compass Offset and Calibration Lock. The menu does not scroll beyond these three items.

No reference to drive type. I can find no page in which to select the drive type.


Ps...I see why the photo doesn't appear...The image file is too large

It is recommended that you examine the ACU100 to verify that its Status LED is illuminated and colored green, indicating that the ACU100 is being powered and is operating normally. If not, then please respond accordingly. If so, then it is recommended that the autopilot control head be commanded to the list of devices which it senses within the SeaTalkng backbone (MENU->SET-UP->DIAGNOSTICS->ABOUT SYSTEM->CONFIRM). Please list all devices listed and then additionally select each device and specify the version of software listed for each device.

Regarding photos, they need to be resized to be no larger than 500kB.
The led on the acu 100 is not on.

The 10A internal fuse was fried.

Power to unit is fine.

Replaced fuse and it fried immediately.

Looked for short downstream ... continuity test shows no short circuit in motor cable from acu to drive motor.

Maybe a short in the motor?

Your help would be appreciated.

Need to leave on Thursday!

It is recommended that the motor and clutch leads be disconnected from the ACU, that the fuse be replaced, and that the autopilot then be powered ON again. Should the fuse blow when operated without the drive leads connected, then the problem would be fault isolated to the ACU. However, should the fuse not blow when operated without the drive leads connected, then there would appear to be a problem with the drive unit or cable connections to the drive unit. The faulty component should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Hi George,

With everything unhooked from the acu 100, other than the power input, the fuse blows immediately when the power is turned on.

The acu is mounted properly, and is totally dry. It's in a place that would only see water if I sunk.

Georgetown, Bahamas, is not exactly ground zero for raymarine techs.

My friends here and I are pretty handy with electronics and the like.

Any other suggestions for self help before I throw up my hands?

The autopilot was working fine, and just stopped cold.

It's only been in service a year and a half or so.

God forbid i should have to actually steer!


Unfortunately, providing instructions for rendering repairs to the circuitry of Raymarine products is beyond the scope of support that can be offered. It is recommended the EV-1 be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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