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Full Version: Master Display Question
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Hopefully, this will be my last request for info.
With an A128 at the bow, matched with the CPT-100 transducer on the trolling motor, I have a water temp reading, from the temp sensor mounted in the transducer.
With the A127 mounted at the console, I run an in hull transducer for 2D sonar and the CP-200 for Side Vision. The Side Vision transducer does not provide water temp. The units are linked with a network cable, but are not connected with a sea talk cable.
With the bow unit on only, I have a water temp reading in my data box. If I turn both units on, regardless of which unit is selected as the Master Display, the water temp remains at 32 deg.
Any ideas on a resolution to this, would be appreciated.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Natch,

Unfortunately, the LightHouse software for the a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs does not presently support selection of a sea temperature data source. The system is instead acting upon a hard coded sea temperature source priority list which appears to be prioritizing the transducer which has been interfaced to the a127 MFD over that of the a128 MFD. In this case, it would appear that the model of transducer which has been interfaced to the a127 has either not been correctly configured within the a127 MFD's transducer settings or is providing erroneous temperature data to the system. Naturally, an in-hull transducer will not be able to accurately report sea water temp. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to identify the model of transducer which has been interfaced to the a127 MFD. What model of transducer is interfaced to your a127 MFD? I had a similar situation onboard my own boat and had to work around the feature by installing an instrument temperature/speed through water sensor (requires that an i40 Speed/Bidata, i50 Speed/Tridata, or i70 w/iTC-5 additionally be installed and interfaced to the system), as the aforementioned hard coded sea temperature source priority list prioritizes instrument sea temperature data over that from a fishfinding product.

Please additionally note that a feature request has been logged to consider the support for selecting the sea temperature data source within systems running LightHouse software.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
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