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Full Version: Lighthouse feature requests
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After using our Lighthouse-powered MFD for racing and cruising on our sailboat for a season, here are some features that I'd have liked it to have:
1) Creating a waypoint at a specified range and bearing from an existing waypoint or present location or the cursor location. This is often useful for sailboat racing.
2) Ability to create a waypoint linked to a charted buoy, rather than having to create a new waypoint over the top of a buoy on the chart. Ideally, if the Coast Guard moves the buoy, the corresponding waypoint should move with the next update.
3) Nested folders
4) Allow waypoint names to be unique only within the folder that contains them, rather than unique across all waypoints. For example, I might want a waypoint called "Fl R'2'" in a folder called "Harbor A" and another one with the same name in a folder called "Harbor B".
5) Time-series graphs of data like TWS/AWS and TWA/AWA (similar to the feature in RayTech Navigator)
6) Calculation of oscillating wind shift data, like median TWD/TWA, degrees lifted/headed relative to median, wind shift period.
7) Calculate tack-to-tack difference in TWA (to help with calibration).
8) TWA on next leg
9) Ability to edit routes using Race Mark IDs
10) Ability to insert a waypoint between two other waypoints in a route plan.
11) Skip to previous minute in race timer. Skip race timer forward or back from the chart application (or bring up race timer menu directly from chart application)
12) Ability to select Track Wind mode on autopilot from MFD
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

Thanks for the submitting your advanced sailing feature suggestions. Feature requests will be logged accordingly to consider these features for inclusion within a future LightHouse software update as well as within future MFD designs.

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I'll second your request #1- creating a waypoint from a bearing and distance from existing waypoint. I've requested this previously and have been told that I'm the only one that has ever requested it. So glad you're also mentioning it.
B&G has it. Racing sailors need it because in most round the buoys racing the windward mark is set just a few minutes before the start with a bearing and distance from the starting line.

Your other requests would be useful too.


Thanks for the additional comment.
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