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Full Version: split screen
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I have a c127 with a P58 transducer, would like to split screen showing results from both frequencies. I am sure it must be in the manual and FAQ somewhere but not finding it. It keeps asking me to select one or the other, not both.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sallysea,

Please click here to view a related FAQ addressing Homescreen options. In this case, it would be recommended that the right set of set of Homescreen pre-configured page icons be view and that you then command the DUAL FISH page to be viewed from this page set. Each Fishfinder pane of this page may then be configured to view sonar imagery from the frequency of your choice.
Thank you, that makes sense. My old unit had a dual frequency split screen and was not finding the command on this one. Just need the right icon.
You're welcome.
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