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Full Version: E120 Upgrade
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A while back (2-3 years) we replaced an E120 with what was known as "New e-series" and a bezel that installed perfectly to cover the [censored]. I understand that this combination is no longer available. Now we have five or so E120s to replace with space limitations. Is there something new to cover the existing [censored] with or without a bezel? Recommendations? Thank you.


The e-Series MFDs were replaced by the eS-Series MFDs a couple of years ago. The eS-Series MFDs replaced the e-Series MFDs. The eS-Series MFDs utilize the same software and may be networked with the e-Series MFD which you had previously purchased. However, the Raymarine did not produce adapter plates and bezels for use wit the eS-Series MFDs. You may want to search the Internet for any dealers still having inventories of e125 or e127 MFDs and consult with Raymarine Order Services concerning the availability of the adapter bezels/plates for E120 Classic MFDs. Otherwise, it will be necessary to utilize other methods to accommodate the eS127 or eS128 MFDs which will be installed.
Thank you and have a great evening.

You're welcome.
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