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Full Version: [DG11] SeaTalkng spur extender
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Does an extender exist for a SeaTalkng spur? If yes, what is the part number?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lew,

Up to three SeaTalkng devices may be daisy-chained to one another using SeaTalkng Spur Cable. The i50/i60/i70/ST70 Instrument Displays and p70/p70R/ST70 Autopilot Control Heads feature two SeaTalkng spur ports to permit them to be installed in this manner. The maximum total length of a SeaTalkng spur (inclusive of all daisy-chained SeaTalkng devices) is 5m. Raymarine does not offer "Spur Extenders". Instead, Raymarine offers SeaTalkng Spur Cable in various lengths up to 5m. Should a SeaTalkng device be located more than 5m from the currently installed SeaTalkng backbone, then the backbone must be extended to within 5m of the SeaTalkng device. To do so, the termination plug would be removed from one end of the currently installed backbone and would be replaced with an appropriate length of SeaTalkng Backbone Cable. The other end of the SeaTalkng Backbone Cable would then be fitted with a SeaTalkng T-Piece or SeaTalkng 5-Way Connector to permit the SeaTalkng device's Spur Cable to be connected. The previously removed SeaTalkng Termination Plug would then be installed within the remaining backbone socket ot the SeaTalkng T-Piece or SeaTalkng 5-Way Connector.

To learn more about SeaTalkng networking, click here.

Can a E97 be daisy-chained from a p70R? Or do you need to extend the backbone and add another T piece and connect MFD direct from backbone?

Is the shortest way of extending the backbone 400mm? Trying to avoid bunch of grapes wiring etc....

Hi Richie-Mort,
Thank you for your enquiry

We would advise against daisy chain of NMEA2000/ STng devices. Our recommendation is to extend the backbone and attach the e97 via its own dedicated spur to the backbone direct, this method remains compliant with NMEA2000 requirements.
The better option would be to use the 5 way connection block, A06064 instead of 2 T pieces, this would be a neater solution.
Kind regards

Thanks Derek,

It does seem to be working ok with the E97 connected straight to back of P70?

To go with your recommendation however:

I currently have a 5 way (thats full) where an extender goes to a T piece (Exactly how Raymarine describes to connect up a EV1).

My options are: Buy another backbone cable (i already have a spare T piece) and connect MFD to that OR buy another 5 way connector that will then have a spare socket, does this need to be blanked off or not? Both the backbone cable and 5 way connector are the same price so im thinking as you suggested due to neatness.

Hi Richie-Mort,

Glad to be of help, the spare / empty sockets on the 5 way block do not need to be blanked off - but if they are in an area where water could get to them, then using the blanking plugs A06032 ( the black ones) would also be a wise precaution.

Kind regards
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