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Full Version: Quantum scanner not rotating
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Hello. I just bought a Quantum wifi only radome to pair with the a98 mfd I bought last year. It connects to the mfd ok, but when I hit the Tx button, it comes back with a message of "Error. Scanner not rotating" I cycled the power on the radome several times with no difference.

The mfd software is: 17.45-00403 and the radome software is 1.46.

Also, does it make sense that the wifi signal is -74 db or 2/4 signal strength? the radome is 8 feet from the mfd on a clear line of sight with nothing in the way.

As always, many thanks for your patient replies,
Hello Gregg,

The error you are experiencing is hardware related. I suggest you send your Quantum radar into the service center for repair. Please use the following link to book a repair: Raymarine’s Product Repair Center Once you have filled out the return form, and supplied an e-mail address, you will receive a free shipping label the following business day in your inbox. Please include a brief description of the problem inside the box.

- Dave
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