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I have a 2013 E series hybrid mfd with digital radar. This vessel is new to me and raymarine is new to me, a past furuno user.

Turned the unit on works fine and radar came on but when I tried to overlay the radar on chart, a turn heading sensor popup came on.
I couldn't find the heading sensor, normally its in the center of boat which would be a fluxgate compass sensor.

Read in the manual, that is a nice touch to have it in the mfd, it states radar overlay can be set to use COG but it must be stable and sufficient SOG.

I am a deer looking in the headlights now?? I do have SOG in the upper column, how would I turn this on to get overlay to work??

Thanks for your time.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum gatotom,

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thank you Chuck, been out of town a spell. SO then if I turn on autopilot it will give me the heading data for the overlay also?
Should the autopilot be a Raymarine autopilot which has been interfaced via SeaTalkng or SeaTalk to the MFD, then switching the autopilot ON should indeed supply the MFD with heading data. Should the autopilot be interfaced via NMEA 0183 communications protocol, then heading data would only be available from the autopilot if
- the autopilot supports transmission of NMEA 0183 heading sentences, and
- the autopilot has been interfaced to the MFD to support bi-directional NMEA 0183 communications, and
- the autopilot is ON
so, ii I add EV-1 sensor core I will get radar chart overlay. My autopilot is a iffy autohelm but in the future will add the raymarine autopilot.
Am I correct in my thinking?

In 2013, E-Series Widescreen MFDs (E90W, E120W, E140W) and the new e-Series MFDs were both available. Should you have an E-Series Widescreen installed onboard the vessel, then installation of an EV-1 Sensor Core would indeed permit the Chart application's radar overlay feature to be utilized. However, should the vessel be equipped with one of the new e-Series MFDs or an eS-Series MFD, then there are two ways in which the Chart applications of these MFDs will support radar overlay:
- if interfaced to a heading data source (ex. EV-1 Sensor Core, etc.). When interfaced to a source of heading data, the Chart application's radar overlay feature may be swithed ON at any time that the MFD has a GPS position FIX.
- if operating with the latest a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software, underway, and making way, then the MFD will support use of COG should the MFD not be interfaced to a source of heading data. The Chart application's radar overlay feature cannot be accessed/configured ON when the vessel is stationary (i.e. a stationary vessel has not COG).

I am new to this forum and appreciate your sound advice here. I have been searching here for a solution to a radar overlay issue I have encountered. I have an E90W MFD that is linked to a Raymarine flux gate compass and SPX30 Smartpilot Corepack and ST6002+ autopilot. I recently updated my Navionics Platinum+ chart for Puget Sound and have since lost the radar overlay function. When I use the rdr/chart/off soft key toggle in the 2D chart menu to try to turn on radar overlay, I get "Overlay/Rdr Disabled" in the upper left hand side of the display. This functionality worked with the old chart. The system software version for the E90W is 2.49 which I have been reluctant to update to 2.65 until I understand this problem a bit better. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

The MFD's Radar Overlay feature is not dependent upon the cartography contained within a Navionics chart card. The function key having the options RDR/CHRT/OFF which you have described is the Chart application's Sync feature. When configured to RDR, this feature is simply designed to match the radar range to the chart range. Use of the MFD's Radar Overly Feature is not dependent upon the configuration setting of the Sync feature. In order to use the Radar Overlay feature, the MFD must be:
- interfaced to a compatible radome or open array pedestal
- the MFD must be interfaced to a source of GPS data and must have acquired a GPS position FIX ... verify this by examining the FIX Status field of the GPS Status dialog (MENU->GPS STATUS)
- the MFD must be interfaced to a source of Heading data ... verify this by configuring the MFD display the Data application and then configuring the Data application to display the Navigation data panel ... the Heading (not to be confused with COG) data item should be verified to be populated.
- the radome or open array radar pedestal must be powered ON (POWER->SCANNER->ON)
- the radome or open array radar pedestal must be transmitting (POWER->RADAR->TX)
- If interfaced to a HD Radome or HD/SuperHD Open Array Radar Pedestal, verify that that the Dual Range radar feature (from Radar application page/pane PRESENTATION->DUAL RANGE) has been configured to OFF.
- the Radar Overlay feature (2D CHART LAYERS->RADAR OVERLAY) must be configured to ON
Thanks for your response Chuck. All of the conditions your describe above are true. The GPS has a fix and Heading data is populated in the autopilot display as well as on the ST60 graphic display. Radar overlay is toggled to ON. I have attached a photo that shows this (sorry, can't attach a photo given size rules). In any case the photo was a screen shot of Open Water with chart and radar Windows showing an active radar signal, and the 2D chart layer RADAR OVERLAY in the ON position. Other suggestion for what might be going on here? The system previously had functional radar overlay and I haven't changed anything

My recommendation indicated that the MFD requires heading data. It is quite possible that the autopilot and ST60 instrument would have access to heading data, while the MFD did not. Accordingly and per the prior response, it is recommended that you verify this is so by configuring the MFD display the Data application and then configuring the Data application to display the Navigation data panel ... the Heading (not to be confused with COG) data item should be verified to be populated. Should this indeed be the case, then it would be recommended that a System Settings Reset operation be performed to correct this problem.
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