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Full Version: Axiom Interfacing
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I'm new to all of this electronic stuff for boats so please bear with me. I have a 1984 Carver Monterey 26' that I'm restoring. I am currently building a new dash and would like to install two of the new Axiom displays. First can two displays be interfaced with each other and is there some way my analogue engine sensors be tied into them also, (RPM, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Fuel Pressure, and possibly the Outdrive angle)?
Hello and welcome to the forum dcrahn,

With the use of an HS5 network switch(Part#A80007) and a Raynet cable(Part#A62361), you should be able to network and share data between the two displays.
As for engine information, there are many 3rd party analog engine data to NMEA 2000 interfaces. These interfaces will take analog engine data and convert the information to NMEA 2000. What you will be able to see on the display depends on what data the 3rd party interface will convert and what information the display will show. Actisense sells analog engine data to NMEA 2000 engine monitoring units. At the time of this post, I do not have a full list of engine data that will be displayed with the Axiom operating system.

- Dave
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