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Full Version: Auto Pilot Selection
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I have a 1994 Carver 390 CPMY. This had all vintage electronics. I upgraded to the latest "e' series Ray chartplotter, Ray Quantum radardome using my airmar transducer, as chirp would not benefit this non fisherman.

I have the original RAY auto pilot with a pump hooked into hydraulic steering. here is my conundrum. I wish to upgrade to the newest EVO autopilot. The one in there now does not respond well and must be watched closely to maintain a course. Being the size of my vessel, would I be needing to buy the EVO 200, (too small in my book) The EVO 300 or EVO 400? Also can I use my present hydraulic steering pump?

Many thanks for your advice!


My best guess is the pump you have on your boat is a Type 2. This can be used with an EV400 power pilot pack. The pump itself should state either Type 1, 2, or 3 or have a part number to confirm.
I will check the part # and be back. So the EVO400 would be my choice?

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the vessel be equipped with a Raymarine/Raytheon Type 1 Hydraulic Pump, then a T70156 EV-200 Power: Evolution Autopilot with p70R & ACU-200 would be recommended. Should the vessel be equipped with a Raymarine/Raytheon Type 2 Hydraulic Pump, then a T70162 EV-400 Power: Evolution Autopilot with p70R & ACU-400 would be recommended.
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