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Raymarine forum - E Series Classic MFD Pathfinder radome compatibility question

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Full Version: E Series Classic MFD Pathfinder radome compatibility question
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According to the documentation for the E80 and E120 Classic MFD's the Pathfinder analog radomes should be compatible or can be upgraded to be compatible:
Analogue Scanner type/model Serial Number Compatibility
2Kw Radome - Pathfinder 1220000 and below Not compatible
1220001 - 0530157 upgrade required
0530158 and above Fully compatible

The model radome I have recently acquired during a system upgrade is a M92678 Model 2kw unit with a serial# 0780401 Since the serial number sequence of all the numbers above are 7 characters in length how do you determine if is 1220000 and below or the upgradeable or compatible number above 1220001? Is the upgrade still a possibility through a servicing dealer if it is indeed upgradeable?

Both E Classic displays are running latest and last 5.69 update.

Thank you in advance

According to the serial number, the unit was manufactured in July of 1998. This is before December 2002(1220001) and does not meet the requirement for upgrade/compatibility.

- Dave
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