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Full Version: Bezel kit update
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I have a customer that has two e95 that replaced two E80 using the R70010 bezel kit. This kit had the gray colored bezels. He was at the boat show and he saw that there was a black bezel that was available. He really liked the new look all black display. Can I get the part numbers to order these. Is this new black bezel available for all the conversion kits?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum George,

The part numbers for the black bezels offered for the c/e-Series MFDs follow:
- R70361 - 7" e-Series MFDs Black Bezel
- R70362 - 9" c/e-Series MFDs Black Bezel
- R70363 - 12" c/e-Series MFDs Black Bezel
- R70364 - 16" e-Series MFDs Black Bezel

Raymarine has not yet introduced black bezels for the Mounting Adapter Kits.
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