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Full Version: E05008 Seatalk Alpha Numeric Keypad
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Will a E05008 Seatalk Alpha Numeric Keypad work with a ES 127 VER 17.45?
The Captain had us replace his E120W. We utilized an e22158 to put the SEATALK KEYPAD on STNG and the KEYBOARD beeps when keys are pressed but no cigar. Mobile apps are really cool but he simply wants functionality similar to what he had. Is it possible to find a compact numbered keypad.

Thank you in advance
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jerry,

Unfortunately, the E05008 SeaTalk Alpha Numeric Keypad is not compatible with the a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs. Additionally, the subject keypad is also no longer available. While a feature request will be logged to consider introduction of a replacement of the E05008 SeaTalk Alpha Numeric Keypad, it should be noted that unlike the prior generations of MFDs, the user interface of the LightHouse II software provides an QWERTY keyboard to permit rapid entry of waypoint coordinates, names, comments, and symbol selection. Accordingly, Raymarine has not been receiving requests for such keypads. Should the location for such a keypad not accommodate a large MFD, then you may want to consider installation of an a65 MFD (slightly larger than the subject keypad) in that location. Should you feel strongly about the need for such a product, then it is additionally recommended that you voice the number of such requests to your RSM.

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