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Full Version: Issues with new installation
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Issue 1:

The depth finder worked perfectly for the first month, then I noticed a periodic blank (--) in the depth data box. Selecting the fish finder mode I noticed multiple slices of the graphic display sometimes five to ten. It always worked at the slip in approximately 12 feet of water with the engine either ON or OFF. It seems to have progressed to where it will only work when I select the ‘down vision’ channel, but quickly goes away on the chart plotter screen.

Attached is a drawing of the Raymarine electronics installation.
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In general and when operating at speed, the conical sonar option will provide greater performance with respect reporting depth than will DownVision. When stationary or operating at trolling speeds, either sonar option should report depth when operating in less than 600' of water. However, should the issue manifest itself at the dock with at least 3' of water beneath the transducer, then there would appear to be a problem with the MFD's internal fishfinder circuitry or the transducer itself. The problem may be fault isolated by swapping the MFDs within your system, connecting the transducer to the upper helm MFD, or testing the MFD with another transducer which would be suspended over the side of the hull.

Should the equipment have been installed by a Certified Raymarine OEM or Certified Raymarine Installer within the last three years, then it would be recommended that that the OEM or installer be contacted to fault isolate the problem and return any faulty components found to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced, and then to reinstall any products removed from the boat.
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