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Full Version: Weather cap for spur cable
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Just installing an NG network on a 30' sailboat. The MFD is on a RAM mount and is taken off when docked for security. The standard power/NMEA0183/Video cable has a protective cap that keeps things dry when the MFD is stored. I am looking for a similar cap to protect the open spur cable end.... Is there one available? If not, do you have any suggestions regarding weather protection for the connector on the end of the cable?

Thank You

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tony,

Unfortunately, Raymarine does not offer a cover for a SeaTalkng spur or Backbone cable for such purposes. However, you may want to consider using an A06074 SeaTalkng Inline Terminator for this purpose. The SeaTalkng Inline Terminator features both a spur socket and a backbone socket.
Thank you! Good suggestion.

May I humbly suggest that you consider adding a simple plastic cap to your stable of parts?
You're welcome. A product accessory request will be logged accordingly to offer weather caps for SeaTalkng spur cables.

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