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Full Version: Stratos 486 FS transducer ?
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I would like to purchase a Dragonfly 7 Pro but am worried that I don't have a good area to mount the transducer. The transom has like 3 steps. Where could it be mounted that it would work properly? Any help would be appreciated. I do have a picture of the transom if that will help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum BigBob,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. While it should be no problem to have the transducer support fishfinder features at trolling speeds, I would recommend that you attach a photo of the hull bottom and transom to this thread in order to determine whether it may be possible to identify a location to mount the transducer to permit monitoring depth while operating the boat on plane as well.
Chuck: I need a little help here on how to get a picture attached. I'm not real great on the how do's when it comes to attaching a picture. It's asking me to make it smaller.
Chuck I'm not sure if this worked or not.
This is a better picture of all three steps and bottom of boat. Would you think there would be a location that I could put it that it could be used at high speeds or do you think that I'll have to use it only for trolling.

This hull appears to have two steps prior to the transom along with several strakes. Transducers installed aft of such features would be expected to typically be exposed to an aerated flow of water when operating on plane and at speed approaching plane. These conditions would typically prohibit the fishfinder from maintaining bottom contact during such periods of operation. However, when the vessel comes off plane and once again resumes operation at trolling speed, then the fishfinder should re-acquire bottom contact. Given the location of the steps, it is recommended that the transducer be mounted to the transom with the expectation that the fishfinder will not be able to maintain bottom contact while operating at speeds above trolling speed (i.e. the speeds at which fishfinders typically generate imagery of fish targets).
Hey Chuck thanks. That's kind of what I was figuring so I'll keep my other depth finder and use the dragonfly 7 for trolling speeds.
You're welcome.
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