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Full Version: CAM 200IP cabling
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I have e series MFD's on my boat along with a SR6 Sirius/network switch. I am looking at the Cam 200IP and wondering how it would install. I believe from reading, I would just need the camera and then it would cable to the SR6 network switch directly. I would probably need 20 feet of cable to reach so is that available? Also, do I need to power the camera as well or will that be through the Ethernet cable?
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Pdog1989,

Raymarine SeaTalkhs Patch Cable or shielded marine grade CAT5e (or better) cable having shielded RJ45 plugs should be used interface the CAM200IP to an Ethernet/SeaTalkhs switch having shielded RJ45 sockets.
thanks....do I need to have separate power or is the ethernet powered?

The Ethernet switch of the SR6 does not feature POE ports. As such, it will be necessary to either connect it to a 12V power circuit or install a POE Injector to power the CAM200IP.
I have been trying to get my CAM200ip operational for the last two weeks. The Raymarine POE that I installed was DOA per a conversation with the support desk. I ordered a replacement and went to the boat today and the second POE was also DOA per the support desk. The LED stays red when I power up the device and never turns green. The voltage in was checked (13.34dc)I have a question about the spec on the POE voltage going down the Ethernet cable to the camera. I can not find anything in the manual about this spec. Is it 12v the same as the pigtail? I am considering using another manufactures POE device. I have confirmed that the camera is ok because I removed the POE and hot wired 12v to the camera pig tail. It would be difficult to add a dedicated 12 volt supply line up on the mast on the boat.

I'm concerned that the fault may be with the cable between the POE and the camera. Some Ethernet cables do not feature power leads. For testing purposes, have you tried connecting the POE Injector directly to the camera's Ethernet cable?
The material that is used in the installation: E70262 Cam200 IP, E06056 patch cable 10m, R32142 coupler, and R32141 POE. Patch cable plugged into the POE side of the injector and short Raynet cable plugged into the DATAIN side of the POE. I also benched tested the POE by connecting just power and the LED was RED. I next connected the POE to a laptop ethernet cable between LAPtop and the datain on the POE.
What is the spec for the POE voltage / current that feeds the camera on the ethernet cable?

One of the differences between Raymarine's SeaTalkhs Patch Cables and Raymarine's RJ45 to RJ45 Patch Cables is that only wire pairs 1&2 and 3&6 are used in a SeaTalkhs Patch Cable to support Ethernet communications only. Wire pairs 4&5 as well as 7&8 are additionally required when powering over Ethernet. It is correspondingly recommended that the SeaTalkhs Patch Cable be replaced with an appropriate length of Raymarine's RJ45 to RJ45 Patch Cable. Raymarine recommends POEs rated at 48VDC x .35A.
Does the E06056 have the 8 wire 4 pair cable. That is what I installed.
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