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Full Version: Tacktick wind malfunction
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My S/Y is fully equipped with Tacktick wireless Instruments. Already since a while the transmission of wind-data between the masthead unit and the MN100 Display showed disruptions from time to time. About 1 month ago no wind data at all was displayed any more. Only bringing the masthead unit down to close distance to the display showed data again. Therefore I assumed that the battery in the masthead unit needs to be replaced (although there was no low-bat-warning). I organised the genuine TA125 replacement-battery and installed it. At first it worked with display and masthead unit in short distance but after mounting the masthead unit again there was no data shown on the display. Repeated autonetwork-attempts on the mast did not provide any success.

I do not have any idea how to solve that. Apparently the purchase of the new battery pack was useless. Can you please provide any assistance?

Since I am on a long term cruise it will most probably not help to send the instruments to any service center and wait for feedback. Maybe an authorized Raymarine Service Station on my route can help (I am currintly in the Caribbean Sea)?

THX in advance for your feedback.

Best regards,

Alfred/S/Y MissU
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Alfred,

While the symptoms reported may be associated with a failure of one of the TackTick components, these symptoms may also be indicative an incompatibility with some to the vessels structural components or sails. What primary material is the yacht's mast and boom constructed from? What material are the vessel's sails constructed from?
Thank you for your reply Chuck!

I can confirm that the mast/boom are made of aluminum (standard Selden rigg), sails are also standard cruising sails made of Dacron. No carbon parts on my boat which could effect the transmission of signals. Malfunction is also there when no sails are set.



One last question, physical distance between the masthead and the MN100 display?
Hi again,
distance from mn100 to mast is 2 m, mast-height is 10 m, so distance mn100 to masthead must be some 10,2 m (MissU is just a 30' sailing Yacht)

Thanks for the additional information. The vessel's attributes which you described appear to be a good fit for TackTick products. Unless the MN100 has been installed within a metal enclosure, there would appear to be a fault within the circuitry of the TackTick components, necessitating that they be serviced.
Both displays are mounted in a non-metal environment with undisturbed transmission to connected devices. Consequently, the reason must be in the electronics of the devices. I am also having frequent blackout-situations with my mn102-display but one or two on/off attempts restored functionality so far in each of these cases.
What would servicing particularly mean with regarding to time, place and cost? I am currently in the Grenadines heading towards Antigua with stops in St Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe. From Antigua I will be heading to the Acores in early May. For the Atlantic Passage functionning Instruments would be essential.



TackTick instruments would be returned by their owner or by the Raymarine installer to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. Typical turn around time is seven to ten business days after the Repair Center has received the product(s). I have attached the US Repair Center's flat rate repair schedule for TackTick products. This information is current as of the date of this response, but may be subject to change in the future.
Thank you Chuck,
So I will send the item(s) to the US Service Center. Should I send both - transmitter and display - or just the transmitter as obviously malfunctioning device? I would like to avoid that RM cnhecks both even if the display is OK and charges me the flat rates for both devices.

Final question: do you have contact data of a RM Dealer in St Lucia/Rodney Bay I could ask for assistance for packaging/delivery?

Thank you and

Best regards,


The following contact information is for Raymarine's dealer/installer in St. Lucia:


Given that Wi-Fi issues may be rooted in the receivers and/or transmitters generally recommended that each of the TackTick products be sent to the Repair Center. Unlike other repairs, the Repair Center will only charge for TackTick devices found to have suffered a failure. Within the information sent to the Repair Center should be a complete description of the problem and distances separating the TackTick devices.
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