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Full Version: C80 Classic unable to read archive.fsh file
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I've done my best, digging around in the old, defunct Raymarine forum for answers, and now I've come with a few questions:

All I wish to do, is move routes and waypoints back and forth to my C80 Classic and my laptop.

I'm using a Sandisk 256mb card, brand new. Laptop is running Windows 10 but I do have access to a laptop running Windows 7 if necessary. I am using RNS 6.2.

- I have successfully exported some routes from the C80 to my laptop and can view them in RNS. No problems there.
- I have created a .rwf file containing about 170-odd new waypoints that I wish to export to the CF card for import into the C80 MFD.
- I have created an Archive.fsh file from that .rwf file and it appears on the CF card.
- I have also tried creating the Archive.fsh file directly in a folder called C:\Archive\Archive.fsh and pasting it directly onto to CF card at the root level.
- I have verified that I am following the approved naming conventions for these waypoints.

When I insert the card into the C80 MFD and attempt to retrieve the waypoints, the "WPT" "RTE" and "TRK" lists are blank, and the MFD claims that there is nothing there.

Also, when I "test" the Archive.fsh file by re-importing into RNS from the CF card, the waypoints don't show up on the map.

What could I be doing wrong?
Next question: Is Voyage Planner compatible with the C80 MFD? That is, will it create files that are compatible for import into the C80? If Voyage Planner is simpler and more reliable and compatible with the C80 MFD, I'll happily shell out the money for the software.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rpacuti,

Please attach your RWF file to this thread for further analysis.
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