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Full Version: rj45 cable for quantum radar
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does the rj45 data cable for the quantum radar carry power also. I received two cables in package. Do I need both? The power cable looks like a heavier gauge. Thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

The T70243 Quantum Q24C Radome w/Wi-Fi and Ethernet is packaged with a 10M Power and a 10 Meter Data Cable. Quantum radomes are not designed to be powered over Ethernet (POE). Accordingly, the power cable packaged with Quantum radomes must be installed. Should one desire communications with a Quantum radome via Ethernet rather than via Wi-Fi and only desire to chase a single cable, then it would be recommended that the Quantum radome be purchased without a cable and that an A80308 Digital Radar Cable Adapter and an appropriate length of Digital Radar Cable be purchased.
as usual, thank you very guys are indispensible
You're welcome.
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