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Full Version: Wi-fish IOS app with Dragonfly 7
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I am able to see the sonar views on my iPhone, but I can't see map views. In the help menu on the IOS Wi fish app, it says you have to download some map data first. The app doesn't provide any mechanism to download anything.

I assumed that the map displayed on the dragonfly would appear on the iPhone just as the sonar images do. I can't find any further documentation on this. Please advise
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jlane,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. When used in conjunction with a Dragonfly Pro display and a GPS equipped cell phone, the Wi-Fish app may display the vessel's location on maps downloaded from Apple Maps. The instructions for doing so, would call for the iPhone or iPad to first connect to the Internet and then use the Apple Maps application to pan around the location where you will be boating. Doing so will effectively cause the phone to save Apple Maps data from area panned. It it these maps which will later be displayed within the Wi-Fish app. However, it should be noted that the Apple Maps are primarily intended for street navigation and do not include any nautical chart detail (ex. spot soundings, depth contours, navaids, etc.). Those seeking such chart detail along with Dragonfly sonar imaging to be displayed on their mobile device having and internal GPS sensor would be advised to use the Navionics Boating app.

If seeking assistance for the Navionics Boating app rather than the Wi-Fish app.Navionics (508-291-6000) may be contacted for support for Navionics products.
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