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2 questions

I have a Pathfinder 2kW Product code M92650
serial #1020267

I need the 8 pin connector going to the radome - where can I get this?

I cut the cable half way down and need a box or something to hold the new splices. I know folks don't recommend this, but any recommended junction boxes/fittings, etc. Thanks.

Jack Northrup
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jack,

The subject part's number is R126.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing where one may purchase parts for Raymarine products.

Raymarine has made no specific recommendations concerning manufacturers of such junction boxes, except that they be constructed from materials designed for use within the marine environment. Should the junction box be located outside of a cabin or other protected space, then the junction box should additionally seal to protect the cable's conductors and terminal strip from the marine environment.
You're welcome
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