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Full Version: p70 refuses to enter Wind Vane mode
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My p70 refuses to enter Wind Vane mode when the autopilot is steering. I haven't tested it, but it might have stopped working when I enabled autopilot control on my gS98. The i70 has wind information via an iTC-5 that displays just fine.

Pressing Standby and Auto together beeps and a message flashes for a short bit on the gS98 saying something about an error.
Is Wind Vane Mode available in Standby? The autopilot control should not stop Wind Vane Mode from being available. The Vessel Type should be set to Sailboat for Wind Vane Mode to be available.
My ST6002 also refuses to enter wind vane mode. It's connected to my a97 MFD via a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter. My wind vane is connected via an ITC-5 and I have an i70 display. I can enter wind vane mode via the ST6002 wireless remote though.
If the control head does not allow Wind Vane mode the usual issue is the connectivity between the Wind data and the autopilot.

Can you explain the wiring of the system, a hand written drawing would work best. You explained the ST6002 is connected to the a97 via the Seatalk to Setalk NG converter, is the wind data available on the a97?

You are saying ST6002, that is not an autopilot that is the control head, what is the course computer in the system? We recommend a connection to the course computer into the Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter. What is the model of the wireless remote, where is that connected to the system? Have you confirmed you have Sailboat selected as the vessel type?
the wind data is available on the a97. The course computer is an S2G, I'm not sure the model of the wireless remote, currently I'm away from the boat. When I try to enter wind vane mode at the pilot control head it says, no data, or something like that. I can easily enter wind vane mode with the wireless remote that is linked to the course computer. Please see my sketch attached here.

Diagram looks correct.

Are you able to follow a waypoint with coming from the a97? To test, set an active waypoint on the a97, then press Auto on the ST6002, then press Track, and the bearing information should display, then press Track again to follow.
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