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I have installed a new Seatalkng system on my boat:
ACU100 with wheel drive
iTC-5 with dst800 speed/depth/temp and fwd.std.wind transducers.
The iTC-5 is connected by a backbone (blue) cable with a spur (white) on to my a77. The iTC-5 does not show up on any of my MFD and the green light flashes with long pause (no communication/fault). All other devices show up in system info. Is the iTC-5 corrupt?


Is the iTC-5 at the end of the Seatalk NG backbone with a blue terminator in the open blue port, or within the Seatalk NG backbone and it has two backbone cable coming out of the two blue ports?
Just to be clear on my system I will describe it for you.
My system starts with an EV-1 attached to a 5m backbone via a .5m spur and T with terminator. At the other end of the backbone connects to a 5 way connector, the first white port connects to an i70 with a 1m spur and an ACU100 is daisy chained to this MFD with a 1m spur. The ACU is powered directly to 12vdc source.
The second white port is connected to a 12vdc source and the third is connected to a p70 by a 1m spur and the open port of the p70 is terminated with a black terminator.
A second 5m backbone continues on to the iTC-5, the remaining backbone connector on the iTC-5 is terminated with a blue terminator and the white port has a .5m spur connected to an a77 wi-fi plotter which has its own power supply. As described in my earlier post the two transducers are connected to the iTC-5 with the drain wire on the depth terminal. This a all new system purchase in January all other I trumpets have been removed.

The backbone seems to be in order.

The iTC-5 is not being recognized by the i70 instrument display either, not showing any of the transducer information?
The iTC-5 is not present on any mfd nor is any transducer info displayed.
Unfortunately then your assumption is correct. It does point toward an issue with the iTC-5 and I would have to recommend the unit be sent to the below address to be evaluated by a service technician for repair or replacement.

Raymarine Service Center
9 Townsend West
Nashua, NH 03063

Include in the box:
Daytime Phone
Return address
Brief description of the issue
Thank you for your effort I will return the unit immediately.
We'll get the issue handled quickly. Let us know if you have any further questions.
Received new iTC-5 from service department but after I installed it I am only receiving speed and temp. from my dst800 and no depth. Checked connections but looks fine but the iTC-5 light is flashing at the depth connection. My wind info is being reported as well. Has the fault in my previous iTC-5 affected my dst800 or does it not report data when out of the water?
If you are seeing wind data, and the iTC-5 was checked out as fine. Then it has to do with the transducer being out of the water. I would suggest testing when the boat is splashed.
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