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Full Version: RD218 and E120 Classic issues
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I recently tried powering up my RD218 thru my E120 classic and when I hit the power switch on the E120 the softkey for scanner on/off appears but tx/standby does not. When I hit the on/off softkey it will not go to "on", just "off". I checked voltage at the +/- in the radar and it is 11.8 volts so likely not a power issue. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the Raymarine Forum btrack,

It is recommended that the vessel be connected to shore power, that its batteries be permitted to fully charge, and afterwards, while still connected to shore power, that you then attempt to switch the Radar ON again. When toggled from the OFF to ON state, an alert dialog should be displayed within the Radar application which counts down while the magetron completes its power-on sequence. Upon completion of the countdown and should the radome or open array pedestal be operational, then the TX/STDBY function key will become accessible. If not, then it would indicate a failure within the radome or open array pedestal's circuitry.

Should the results of the recommended testing indicate a failure of your radome's circuitry, then the radome would need to be replaced, as Raymarine can no longer service radomes and open array pedestals having analog video interfaces (ex. 2D, 4D, RD218, RD424, 5S, 7S, 9S, 11S). E-Series Classic MFDs which have been updated with v5.69 E-Series Classic MFD software are compatible with the HD radomes, HD open array pedestals, and Super HD open array pedestals currently manufactured and sold by Raymarine.
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